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Our goal at Dixie is to deliver the finest quality products and service at the best price point. Our strong commitment to customer service and exceptional color matching skills has earned us a trusted reputation. 



Additives can be incorporated into a color concentrate or used as standalone additives to enhance your product or process. Contact our team to learn about what all additives can benefit your product needs.

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Our custom masterbatch coloring and and additive manufacturing process and formulations will help eliminate your challenges as we ensure the highest-quality and best color matching. Contact us today to schedule a color matching consult with our team.


Single Pigment Dispersions

With Dixie's growing portfolio and ability to process our masterbatches in multiple forms utlizing one prominate pigment color tailored to your precise needs. You will be only limited by your imagination when it comes to choosing colors, textures, and special additives. 

Primary Colors.png

Pigments (White/Black)

Dixie offers a diverse selection of white, black and color products to provide you with the ultimate consistency, processability and cost-effective performance, our concentrates have been carefully formulated and manufactured. Dixie offers a custom formulation service that is personalized to fit your needs.

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