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CUSTOM COLOR MASTERBATCHES: Dixie Color's Masterbatches offer consistency and convenience. Custom shades are consistent from batch-to-batch and are easily dispersed, increasing productivity and reducing production time needed for more aggressive dispensing/processing. Our masterbatches also offer convenience: by reducing the need to process raw-pigments, facilities can be kept cleaner and not have to deal with the health, safety, and environmental issues associated with raw-pigments and additives that are not resin-encased.

     Dixie Dye & Chemical uses the relationships it has formed over many years with top pigment manufacturers around the globe to allow the purchase of the widest selection of the highest quality pigments at the lowest possible costs. These savings can be passed to the customer and also gives the customer more flexibility during shade-matching to use less-expensive colorants when warranted.

     Customer Service: Our knowledgeable staff will help your company create products with the consistency and quality that your customers want. Whether you need technical product support, environmental compliance assistance, or other information, we are here to help!

     Quality Control: Our Quality Control parameters are not just the minimum tests. We create a profile for each customer that includes the pertinent tests, as well as any further tests that insure the product will meet that customer's profile. This is just another way we go above and beyond for our customers to ensure the quality of their products.

     Lab Design: Our lab was designed around our customer's needs. Our lab has been designed for efficiency and accuracy in replication resin and fiber manufacturing specs to allow us to develop products for many different production processes. Our custom fiber-line gives absolute control in replicating fiber-production facilities so all our solution-dyeing products can be accurately tested for quality specifications established for each customer's specific needs.

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