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About Us

Dixie Color began its operations in 2013 by Will Dendy. Will started his career in his early twenties by working for his father's business Dixie Dye & Chemical. The Dye company was established in the early 1980s and serviced textile and hosiery industries using wet processing methods. As technology advanced in the textile industry, Will saw the opportunities that were opening in the market and in 2013 he branched out on his own forming Dixie Color.

Dixie Color provides in-house color matching and extrudes resin-based masterbatches designed for the textile industry. In 2016, Will added another step in the color process by forming Dixie Dye & Chemical.

Dixie Dye & Chemical compounds single pigment powders and extrudes them into resin-based single pigment concentrates.

As the businesses grew so did the need for machinery. Growing pains were felt for several years, but the investment paid off. In 2018, Will ventured once again on a new journey towards his vision.

In June of 2018, the construction began on the first domestic producer of 1 DPF specialty microfiber, known today as Dixie Specialty Fibers.

Since its opening in the spring of 2019, Dixie Specialty Fibers became the first industrial plant that had opened in the town of Trion, Ga in over 100 years. Seventy-five jobs were created to help provide the rug industry with a high-quality American-made product.

Tragically, Will passed away before he could see his vision come to life.

Today, Will's legacy continues with his wife Heather Dendy, CEO and President of Dixie Companies, along with their three children and an experienced and dedicated team. The opportunities for the future are endless and the dedication, determination, and dependability of Dixie Companies is looking forward to continuing the vision that Will intended to create. 

Dixie Companies, known for dependability and determination, is dedicated to providing the highest standard American-made color and fiber to our customers.

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