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Dixie Dye & Chemical was founded in the early 1980's by Jim and Kay Dendy. The couple primarily serviced the carpet industry in Northwest Georgia with dyestuffs, with small focus on the paper mills in the surrounding areas. As the business grew, their four sons became active in the business. The business grew to $8M in annual sales by the mid 2000's. The great recession of 2008-09 took a significant toll on the carpet industry, prompting the sons to diversify their business interests outside the family business. As the industry began to recover, a decision was made to merge with another local dye company, Exact Color Systems. In 2016, Will Dendy and Lee Starks acquired the Dixie Dye & Chemical name from the family to use for the raw material division of Dixie Color. Dixie Dye and Chemical had longstanding relationships in India and China, allowing for the purchase of raw pigments/powders currently used in the production of single pigments and additives consumed by Dixie Color, as well as other local color-compounding companies. Dendy and Starks purchased a 42,000 square foot facility for the manufacturing of pigments and additives, and have grown the business to $4M in annual sales, with 12 employees.

Dixie Color was founded in 2009 by Will Dendy and Lee Starks. As the housing market collapse continued to negatively impact the carpet industry, new technology and manufacturing equipment began to find their way into the Northwest Georgia area. With the Dendy family's rich history in providing quality products and services to the carpet industry, coupled with Stark's background in the extruded plastics business and proven track record of success in sales management, Dixie Color was formed in October 2009. Operating out of the existing Dixie Dye  Chemical facility, Dixie Color began the process of acquiring state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to service the transition from conventionally dyed carpet yarn to solution-dyed (pre-dyed) carpet yarn. As the floorcovering industry recovered from the Great Recession, the industry witnessed a significant shift to solution-dyed yarns and Dixie Color captured a significant amount of market share in a very quick timeframe. With an experienced management team in place, along with the hiring of several key employees with 20+ years of color compounding and shade matching experience, Dixie color has grown to almost $15M in annual sales, 45 employees, and holds roughly 30% market share of all custom color masterbatch being consumed for carpet, turf, and rugs. Dixie Color produces PET, Nylon, PP, PE color for a variety of applications.

Dixie Specialty Fibers was founded in 2018 by Dendy and Starks. With customers of Dixie Color servicing the rug sector of the floor covering industry, a need was identified to become the first domestic supplier of the fine-denier micro-poly PET, with a sole focus on the manufacturers of bath mats, scatter rugs, and area rugs. Construction of a 106,750 square foot facility began in the spring of 2018 in Trion, Georgia. Oerlikon Barmag extruders with ~7.5M lbs of annual capacity, Sauer twisters, and Superba heatset tunnels were purchased for the new facility. Manufacturing began in spring 2019, creating 75 new jobs in a depressed economic area that hadn't seen new industry in over a century.

Dixie Companies, known for dependability and determination, is dedicated to providing the highest standard American-made color and fiber to our customers.

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