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Additive Dispersions
Dixie Color offers additive dispersions that will add up to value marketability for its customers. Among the additives offered are: UV Stabilizers, Stain-Resistors, Processing Aids, Anti-Statics, and Flame-Retardants.
Color-Matching Services
Dixie Color offers unequaled color-matching and color-design services for its customers. We take into account the required resin, shade, application of the finished product, and any other parameters set by our customer, then we accurately match the shade to allow a masterbatch product to be created that will be consistent in color and run-ability.
Single Pigment Concentrates
Dixie Dye & Chemical's single pigment concentrate dispersions are made with superior raw materials for the quickest dispersal and most accurate results.
Made with the best quality pigment dispersions with consistent color-accuracy and run-ability, Dixie Color's masterbatches offer the best in accuracy, efficiency and convenience.
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